About Us

Hi, I’m Nicki

Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely love dogs, and have a passion for creating something a little different.
So, together with over 30 years of experience as a dressmaker, my creativity, my love of dogs, and lots of interest in my dogs own coats, I decided to start “Barker & Browns”
My girl Bella is the "Barker" and my two "Browns" Freddie and Frank were my chocolate labs, sadly no longer with us.
Ollie and Vinnie, are my product testers and ensure that every coat is spaniel proof!!

I can’t run B&B on my own now it’s becoming more and more popular, so let me introduce some amazing ladies….all self taught sewists, who are on board to share the journey as we aim to rid the world of dull dog coats !!!


the new partner of B&B…..my right arm….everything social media, emails, messages, photographer, self taught dressmaker, mom to Jess, HoneyB, BumbleB, JJ….. and so much more.



designer, and dressmaker of all Limited Edition coats and the very popular add on tails, self taught again, and a great asset to B&B.


my daughter in law to be and another amazing, self taught dressmaker, helps  keep me sane in the most craziest of times in the workshop.
I’m so lucky to have these ladies involved in the growth of B&B……and couldn’t do it without any of them.
Hopefully we’ll all get to meet some of our fabulous customers throughout the coming years at Crufts and various other events.